Riding waves under the oak moon

This time surges were similar to my second labour, they started like mild Braxton-Hicks at about 41 weeks and 3 days on the 26th December; though this time they seemed lower and didn’t spread across my whole belly. They were random at first, then more frequent and regular, often coming in bouts of a few…

From sailing boat to water birth

We were living on a tiny motor/sailing boat during 8 ½ months of my pregnancy and knew we wanted a homebirth. We registered with the Barkantine Birth Centre, but were really hoping to move into our new home before the birth of our first child, so we could have a homebirth in a birth pool….

I felt overwhelmingly happy. IVF homebirth.

Via Luna’s birth story… I woke on the morning of the 23rd November after a really awful night’s sleep. At 39 weeks and four days pregnant I was starting to get used to not sleeping very well, but this night I had been sweating loads and tossing and turning all night. My husband, Alex, usually leaves for…

Midwife couldn’t believe how calm I was

Ashley choose homebirth because she wanted to give birth in the safest, most undisturbed place possible, to make it as calm and relaxed as it could be. Here is her story. As someone who had given birth three times before, I had some specific fears related to things that had happened during my previous births….