My hospital birth vs. homebirth experience

Initially, I had a healthy first pregnancy 10 years ago, however an awful experience at hospital. My contractions started around 10pm but I stayed in bed at home. The next day, around 4pm, when contractions were getting stronger and were either 5 minutes apart or 1 minute long and I made my way to hospital….

My homebirth made me feel proud of my first hospital birth

A few weeks before my second baby was due, I realised how anxious I felt about giving birth to her in a hospital. While the experience of giving birth to my firstborn had been magical, the environment was toxic. The few interactions I had with the midwives impinged a wave of negativity around the birth,…

When birth takes unexpected turn, support is vital

On 6th of January, I woke up feeling slightly cheesed off that I still wasn’t in labour. I sat playing with my phone and felt a few period type cramps… Around 5:30am I started to wonder if there had been a few of those, but felt sure they weren’t strong enough to be anything real….