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“Experiences have clearly shown that an approach which ‘de-medicalizes’ birth, restores dignity and humanity to the process of childbirth, and returns control to the mother is also the safest approach.” Michel Odent, French obstetrician.

‘Homebirth in Newham’ is an online and face to face support group for women and their partners interested to find out more about giving birth at home or prepare for birth. We meet for a cup of tea in Ilona’s house in Beckton every third Wednesday of the month. Most of the birth stories published on this site have been sent in by women who benefited from the group face to face or online. Ilona decided to host this group as she was attending a similar one while pregnant in Tower Hamlets and hearing women share personal experiences about giving birth at home helped to prepare for her own birth.

Pregnant women and birth partners, mums, dads, midwives, doulas and birth professionals – everyone is welcome to our free informative meet up, taking place on a third Wednesday of every month in Beckton. In our informal gathering, hosted by Ilona, we talk about any birth related topics, share positive birth stories and tips to prepare for birth, especially homebirth, and discuss birth choices and rights. You don’t have to be pregnant or planning a homebirth to attend.

Get in touch with Ilona Sabera malinconia @ or join ‘Homebirth in Newham’ on Facebook to come our next meetups or join our WhatsApp group!

Birth of a new person never ceases to be a wonder. It’s a day any mother remembers for the rest of her life. It lays foundations for bonding with the baby and breastfeeding, postnatal physical and mental recovery. Nowadays dominating medicalized approach to labour and its dramatic depiction in media make women doubt their ability to give birth. ‘Homebirth in Newham’ group is dedicated to sharing knowledge of birth process and miraculous women’s bodies.