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About the site

Thankfully, many women nowadays have a number of options on where to give birth and how. Choosing a place of birth is an important decision as it can profoundly affect woman’s physical and emotional well-being. Some women feel that most safest and comfortable place to give birth is their own home, the place where the baby was conceived as labour is an intimate process as well.

On this site you will find positive and inspiring birth stories written by women from East London who chose to give birth at home. These might useful for any woman choosing a homebirth or birth in any other settings. I aim to publish one birth story every week, mainly on Sundays.

If you’d like your birth story published on this site, please get in touch with the editor.

About the editor

My name is Ilona Sabera and I gave birth at home to my firstborn son last year. These were the hardest two days and nights of my life where my ego was crashed into pieces and I was reborn as a mother. Still I was in the comfort of my home and I was taking decisions on what I want to do with my body. So after a long night on a sunny March day my son was born and I forgot every second of pain. I didn’t feel tiered, I felt elated and full of energy. I wanted to go to a restaurant to have dinner that day!

I want every women to feel empowered, to feel listened to, and to feel stronger and more self confident after her labour. It is after all, ‘birth of a mother’ as well. And please question everything and anything. It is your birth, you are the authority and have the right to know!

Feel free to get in touch with me for any feedback via email: malinconia @ gmail.com or if you would like to attend our monthly meetups in Beckton, East London or join Homebirth in Newham group on Facebook.

In my previous life , before becoming a mother, I used to be a journalist and a semiotician.