Having my children around at birth was the best choice

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As I write this, I’m holding my little one in my arms. Still can’t believe she’s here. I have had two births at a birthing centre and decided to go for a homebirth with our third child. Having researched homebirth online and asking around, we were sure to give it a try.

To have my children around and experience a birth within the core of our home meant a lot to me. I didn’t have to worry about whom my children would be left with. They were with me by my side.

The day had finally come. In a house in North London everyone was awaiting the arrival of baby number thee. Two sisters, two and three years old, were eagerly waiting for their sibling to arrive.

My surges started around 8.00am but were bearable till around 11.45am. My children wanted to go out so I took them in the state I was, trying to breathe when a surge came. The cold air did help though! Then we rushed back home and I hugged my birthing ball. By 1.20pm it was getting intense, that’s when I popped on my headphones and started listening to my hypnobirthing videos. My husband called the midwife and they said that I sounded like in early stages of labour and they will send someone over in 40 minutes.

As time went on, I had to give up on hypnobirthing and pulled my headphones off. As I was blowing, ‘ahh’ing and squeezing my birthing ball, I felt my waters trickling around 2.20pm. The intensity of the surges had increased now.

That’s when we called the midwife again stating they needed to come quickly. I found kneeling and hugging my birthing ball a great position during my surges. I maintained this position for the birth as I had read about the benefits of it. I was pushing the ball, I had it against the sofa so it didn’t roll away.

Then, the feeling came to push. I told my husband she’s coming. He was on the phone to the ambulance. I pushed, but then felt the need to hold at certain intervals as I remembered to ‘go with flow of your body’.

I pictured baby crowning and then going back in as my urge disappeared for a few seconds. And then with four pushes the baby was out in my husbands arms. He just about caught her and didn’t know she’d be very slippery. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any towels nearby. But luckily, I had them prepared on the dining chair and my daughter managed to bring them her dad. The ambulance was on the phone guiding us through it all. They congratulated us and told us to be on standby for the paramedic who wasn’t very far. As she said these words, the doorbell rang. It was the paramedics. My husband put the baby on my chest for skin to skin. Our bubba was born!

I had bought a birthing pool but ended up not using it as I thought moving around, being on all fours and kneeling over the birthing ball to be more pain relieving for my body. Whatever you’re comfortable with, go for it.

Tuğba is a mum of three, an IT technician and a home educating teacher from North London, her youngest daughter was born at home in November 2018. After having two children at the birth centre, she decided homebirth is the best choice for her third birth.

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