I focused on my breathing and just knew baby was close. A VBAC story.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-26 at 14.16.51On the night of my due date I started having irregular surges. I didn’t want to get my hopes up and carried on with my night. This could take few more days yet, I said to myself. By morning the surges were getting more regular so I knew I was probably going to have the baby tonight. On that same morning at 7am I also lost my bloody show. By 4pm it was getting difficult to rest so I stayed active and upright.

Breathing in for five counts and out for eight counts really helped me during surges. When they were getting more intense I squatted during them. By 6pm we made our way to the birth centre. One of the midwife checked me and said I was 4cm dilated. By 8pm I went in the birth centre where my room was ready for me then by 8.30pm I got into to the warm water which was amazing pain relief by 9pm surges were coming on top of each other!

Then suddenly I felt very powerful surges and I remember saying to my husband please help me! He said to me: “Focus, baby, focus on your breathing, you got this!”

So I had to focus and do my J breathing (a hypnobirthing technique). I knew my baby was so close by now. I just knew it.

And behold the next surge I felt something that feels like a balloon coming out. A second surge and sure enough it was my baby inside his sac.

Praise be to the Creator! What a relief!

My son was born at 9.25pm he weighed 9.7 pounds! Big little chubba.

It all happened so quickly. As a VBAC mother I was so happy to be able to lead my birth myself and felt relaxed and comfortable at the birth centre located in the Croydon University Hospital. I hope to have more natural births like this, God willing.

I held my baby skin to skin after, placenta was delivered about half an hour later. I requested delayed cord clamping and my husband did tahneek (when a piece date is put into newborn baby’s mouth).

My husband was such a great birthing partner as usual and the midwives were so nice, they encouraged me to listen to my body and they were very impressed with the calm birth I had.

Alhamdulilah (thank God)! I couldn’t have a better service.

Hamida Zee is a homeschooling mum of four. She gave birth in Croydon, but is leaving for Saudi Arabia soon. Her youngest son was born in June 2018 and it was a VBAC birth – Hamida had a Cesarian section with her previous baby.

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